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Lindsey had an unpleasant past experience with a pushy and impatient photographer. No doubt she had to be nervous booking a new photographer. Here's what she had to say when we were done.

"Caleb let my son, Chandler, set the pace and explore. He redirected rather than demanded."

"Caleb's photography skills are amazing. I appreciate his patience towards my child while capturing priceless shots and being able to keep the session fun during the process."


Smiling About A Child Session

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"My biggest fear was that I would look awkward because I hate posing for pictures. But Caleb did a great job of making the shoot very easy going and comfortable which made me feel at ease. And the pictures came out very natural looking, which was exactly what I wanted!"

"Caleb doesn't settle for a good picture. He makes sure he gets a wall hanger!"

"You not only get great pictures but Caleb also teaches you how to properly pose for the camera so you can be guaranteed that one superstar shot your mom will insist on framing!"


Smiling About A Senior Session

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Holly  |  Family

It was a fun and easy experience.

Mandy  |  Family + Newborn

Caleb just went with it.  He let my son, Blake have fun & do what he wanted to do. Those turned out to be some of the best pictures because it was real life

Joanne  |  Big Family + Event

A youthful & natural approach to photography.

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"I was afraid of my children melting down. It didn't come true, thanks to Caleb's ability to keep moving forward and follow their cues instead of pushing them to do uncomfortable or awkward poses. In the past we've had sessions that ended with a frustrated mom and stressed out children. That leaves bad impression and shows through in the photos."

"No nervous breakdown = a successful day with two under three."

"I would certainly mention the speed of the session, the photos that really captured the personalities of my children, and the happy, easy going, upbeat vibe."


Smiling About A Child Session

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"My biggest fear was not being able to properly communicate the shots that I wanted and needed. With Caleb, that was absolutely not the case. Not only did he cater to what I wanted, he also brought fantastic ideas to the table that enriched the shoot!"

"Caleb's fun attitude and passion for creative and perfect shots. :)"

"Caleb is absolutely the best. Easy to communicate with and his work is unmatched."


Owner | Ever After Entertainment

Smiling About A Business Session

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