NEWBORN  |  05.14.14

These twins are pretty much the most popular kids that I personally know.  Want to know why?  Ask their momma.  Kind of like movie stars, but just on TV.  Regardless, there is no doubt that the camera lens is attracted to these two precious angels.

Speaking of angels, these two are living miracles.  They are 8 weeks old in these photos.  They were born almost 10 weeks early.  In fact, I was talking to Christine (mommy) the Sunday before they were born.  I thought that it was almost her due date even then.  None of us knew that they would be born within just a few days of that silly little comment.  I'll let mommy and daddy tell you the story about how it was a miracle that they reached the hospital in time!

This was my first experience with twins, and boy (I mean girl) were they fun.  Getting one newborn to pose for the camera can be interesting to say the least.  But two?  Let's just say that we had all hands on deck. 

But once they settled in they were ready to pose and pose for however long we wanted.  I have always heard about how close twins are together, but have never experienced it first hand.  They fought against each other at the beginning while they were trying to figure out why they were naked.  But once they got warm and cozy, they became little snuggle bunnies.  A few times I felt that I was getting glimpses of how they interacted in the womb.  

I just want to also point out that we did NOT put their hands together.  I was shooting like a mad man when I saw those itty bitty little fingers grasping one another.  What an incredible moment!  I still feel honored that I could be there to capture such an intimate and close time.  Time will only tell how close these two will be to one another as they grow older.  But if they are just a fraction compared to these pictures, they will be tight.  Enough talk, let's look at all of their cuteness X2!


And then they found each other.  So cute!

Picture perfect!

Can you tell the twins apart?  Share it in the comments!

  • Unmutable Photo

    on May 15, 2014

    Thanks Lisa! They are precious. I had lots of fun. Can't wait to see what kinds of trouble we get into as they grow. :D

  • Lisa Collins Bullis

    on May 15, 2014

    Caleb, you did it again! SO AWESOME!! It made me teary! Love them all!

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