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Dress rehearsals are the best.  Sure they can sometimes get a little stressful, but overall it's pretty fun when you see things come together.  It seemed growing up that I was in practically every musical, drama, or play that my church or school had to offer.  So it was refreshing to be on the other side of the lights this time.  And what a beautiful and classic production to photograph - Beauty & The Beast.

Funny story real quick, then we'll talk about the photos.  I only spoke to the founder of my alma mater, Jerry Falwell, on one occasion.  At the Liberty University Spring football game, my wife and I walked up to him to get a photo to which he captioned "Hey look, it's beauty and the beast."  We laughed it off, sang a few lines from the movie and moved on.  We didn't know that just a few weeks later he would pass away.  So Beauty and the Beast has some meaning to my family.  It was also my wife, Ana's family movie - before Frozen of course!  Now to the photos.

The first few images are of everyone getting into place.  Undoubtably, being goofy, having fun, and probably filled with a few nerves about those last minute learned lines.  But they could have fooled me, because they were smiling.  :)

The play starts out just like the movie with the enchantress knocking at the palace doors.  Fun fact, turns out that Christina Najjar who plays the part actually made the rose that's featured here.  Quickly the play transitions to the jovial and care-free town who would rather sing than work.  This is where we find Belle.  Gonna go ahead and point out the obvious.  Belle is my sister - Jessica.  Kind of partial, but she is kind of amazing especially singing the number "Home," which ironically won her a region vocalist title a few years ago.  Did I mention I'm her proud brother?  I'll finish commenting below:

The rose.  Ah yes, the rose!  Simply beautiful.

This is the section that I call "Bad Beast."  He's pretty much a jerk through this whole section, it's kind of humorous to watch his complete ignorance to all things women.

Gaston, the original Bachelor reality star.

Then something changes.  Something happens.  You can see a few sneak images here, but you have to see the play to see the rest.  No spoilers here!  I'll give you a hint, they fall in love.

There's only enough room for one beast.  I'll let you decide which one.  :)

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