PHOTO STORY  |  06.06.14

Not every kid can say they are a professional.  Miss Paisley can!  Paisley is a professional model, actress, and pretty much anything to do with looking super cute.  She caught her big break on the TV show "Toddlers And Tiara."  Since then she's been a busy little girl, at least too busy for me to list here.  Unfortunately, one of the downsides of being a child who's a professional is that the majority of people only get to see the "professional" side.  That's where this photo story begins.

I know that Miss Paisley has been in numerous professional photo sessions.  And with this vast experience for her age there's no doubt she has some "go to" poses.  I know that her mommy and daddy have quite a few of these images floating around.  My goal was to provide images of Paisley being a kid.  One of the first things that I asked her was "How many pictures have people taken of you?"  She responded, "100."  I knew then that it was going to be a fun time together.Throughout our time together you'll see both Paisley has the kid and the professional.  Both are equally good.  The first two images are a perfect example of her professional side.  The next few are more the kid side.  As we walked around the beautiful, fairy-like setting, Paisley noticed the unique rocks on the path.  She began explaining her rocks that she personally owned at her house.  I asked the size.  She demonstrated.  Her mom, Wendy, and I laughed.  Paisley's attention was short lived when she saw the pool.  Of course, I pinkie promised her that I wouldn't push her in (shown below).  She was especially fond of the pool's waterfall.  And what's a pool without some fun and sassy sunglasses right?As Paisley and I became more comfortable with each other, I asked a few more pressing questions that would reveal more of the little girl I was trying to capture.  Here are her answers.  "I like to cute...I like modeling more than pageants...and I love Boston and LA."  Her mentioning of the two major cities interested me to ask more questions.  I asked Paisley if she wanted to live there.  She said, "no, my home is here."  Trying to be funny, I asked about the possibility of having two homes, one here and one there.  She responded, "no, you can't have two homes."  You can't have two homes.  

There it is.  No matter how professional Paisley is at six years old, she still has the heart, mind and imagination of a child.I originally thought that I would have to ask a lot of questions to discover Paisley's "child" side.  But after looking back through all of the images, it was there all along.  Even when she strikes a pose, she can still be captured as a child.  She's just really good at what she does.  I have no doubt that Paisley has a wonderful opportunity to do great things.  But at least for now, she can have the comfort of simply being a kid.  Have fun, keep smiling, and keep playing Miss Paisley!

I pinkie promised not to push her in the pool...

Princess dancing makes you tired!

A serious face + a few silly ones...

Paisley absolutely loved this chair swing.  :D

Something old and someone young = F.U.N!

How do you know Miss Paisley?  Share it in the comments!

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