SENIOR  |  10.21.14

For those who personally know Stormie, this title needs no explanation.  But for the rest of you, I'll start there.  I'd never met Stormie until our time together.  It took me just about two minutes to realize that she likes to have lots of fun.  In fact, it would be harder for her not to smile than to smile.  So borrowing from The Carter Family's Hit (and changing it slightly), you get your title.

You find out lots of fun things while taking photos of people.  One of the things that struck me most was that this was Stormie's first experience of professional photos.  I hope that she won't stay away for too long because she's got a great smile.

Being a senior is all about having fun and getting ready for new beginnings.  I think that Stormie is ready for both as she gets ready to start one of the most exciting chapters of her life.  Here's to many great things, and of course lots of great smiles!  Miss Class of 2015, Stormie Hittle.

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