SENIOR  |  09.11.14

Kaity is another extremely talented senior for the Class of 2015.  Not only does she enjoy playing volleyball, but she's also friends with the camera.  We had a blast together as we explored around downtown Athens with her family.  She was pretty much up for any ideas I threw at her.  Of course, a few times she almost hit herself with the volleyball.  And even almost hit myself with a funny shot of an underhanded serve.

No doubt her flower headband will make the Pinterest world explode.  I think it perfectly fits her personality.  Fun, beautiful, and easy going.  I mean she put a dog treat in her mouth for goodness sakes!  All fun aside, I know that Kaity will do well in her final year of high school, but also after turning the tassel.  Kaity, you have a wonderful smile, and I look forward to seeing where you go in life!  Miss Class of 2015 - Kaity Gardis.

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