S.O.A.R.D.  |  10.14.14

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I love meeting new people and organizations.  So being thrilled is an understatement about my new partnership with Sunshine On A Ranney Day (SOARD).  If you're not familiar, SOARD's mission is to transform a child's special space into a personalized and comfortable place - an escape from their daily struggles.  I am honored an humbled to experience these moments first hand.

I had never met Katie before her new room reveal.  I was interested to see how she would respond to a crazy man with a beard and a camera.  At first she was a little shy and overwhelmed, but rightfully so.  Katie has experienced more in her few precious years than most will in a lifestyle.  I learned very quickly that Katie and I have a few things we both really like.  The first is music.  I'd start singing Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Katie would giggle then start singing too.  The second is that we enjoy waving pink glow sick wands to "turn people into frogs."  Don't judge.  We were having a blast!

As Katie began to get comfortable in her new and awesome room, I realized something.  She had half a dozen glow sticks spread across her purple hearted bed.  Each time she would open a new one something magical happened.

Have you ever used a glow stick before?  It had been a LONG time since I last used one.  In order for the stick to glow its brightest, it must be broken.  That's when it hit me.  Katie is just like those glow sticks.  Although she's been through extreme pressure and brokenness, she can now shine her brightest.

Every time I see a glow stick, I'll think of Katie.  Who knew that I could learn such a powerful lesson from a pink wand that we used to turn people into frogs.


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