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SENIOR, PROM  |  05.08.14

I didn’t think this was going to be emotional until I started typing. If you’ve followed my work, then you’ve most definitely seen my sister. As we wait out these final few days before graduation, the opportunity to document becomes a smaller and more narrow window. So naturally last weekend’s prom was a no doubter. If it was just her, myself and my camera that would be enough, but some of her friends and someone a little closer than friend status did as well.

Meanwhile, being the baby in my family my brother has been notoriously forced to tag along on many photo ventures through the years. But this year he emerged into some seriously handsome, GQ level portraits. He will probably laugh and blow this description off, while smiling secretly inside.

Of course, the setting was beautiful - located at the Georgia Club. When we arrived, we quickly realized we weren’t the only ones with that idea. But everyone went to their favorite locations at the club house. With its large size, it almost seemed that we were in fact the only prom party there.

The moment that Jessica arrived she was smiling. Every photographer’s dream. If only it was because of me, but I’m not gonna be picky. After a quick smiley picture to get acclimated, we were ready. Ready to do my kind of dance with my sister - a photo session. Truth is that our sessions thru the years have been very much like dances. We moved together on cue, many times without words. Although, if you ask her she would probably tell you of my crazy antics I do to get the shot just right.

I knew our short little dance was going to be spectacular when I saw how she positioned her self for her first “real” portrait. It was like she stepped right out of a magazine and into my viewfinder. Speaking of magazine, my wife deserves a big thank you for doing Jessica’s hair and makeup all of these years (even while 7 months preggo).

A quick change of setting, and I wanted to give her friends the same treatment. After a few solo portraits, Jessica dropped the Pinterest bomb of ideas for group shots. As I was snapping each picture, I couldn’t help but feel magic in the air. I knew it was going to be special, but in rare form everything was lining up just right. But she deserves it.

As our last dance comes to a close, I’ll let you use your imagination of how to describe the remaining photos.

Have any advice for the seniors? Share it in the comments!

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