Have you ever met a person or heard an idea that you knew instantly they would make it big?  That was my original thought when I saw the RUKILLERFIT? Facebook page blowing up seemingly overnight.  I contacted my friend Farredeh to see what her new adventure was all about.  But Killer Fit isn't complete without the "K" - that's Kelly.  I sat down with the dynamic duo to get an inside look of what we all know as Killer Fit.

Two seconds was all I needed to realize these two are a team.  Pretty much inseparable.  Let's go with fitness twins.  Both Farredeh and Kelly have lots of spunk to be young moms, much less small business owners.  Right away I was blown away by their fun and outgoing personalities.  It was contagious; I became pumped up too.  Here's some of the things you need to know about K & F, and the photos to prove it.

1)  Describe KILLER FIT In 5 Words Or Less:  Fierce, Inspiration, Motivation, Apparel.

2)  Why KILLER FIT?  Both said they wanted to help provide advice, inspiration.  "We know being a mom isn't easy."  For Farredeh, fitness is about self control and wellness.  In fact, Farredeh actually started her journey in Kelly's class.  How cool is that?  For Kelly, she wanted to continue the healthy lifestyle that her mom exampled.  She said "Growing up my mom was a fitness instructor.  That definitely helped.  Fitness and wellness help me keep a positive mindset.  Facing daily demands, and balancing family, career etc. is enough to make anyone stressed and/or depressed.  This is how I combat against those feelings.  It's a HUGE stress reliever for me."

3)  What's your mission?  These moms on a mission said they want to "empower people, help example self control, emphasize the process, and be the best you."

"KILLER FIT is personal.  People are our passion."

That was enough for me to understand how fun and friendly these two are.  These two are far from the fitness snob type.  In fact, they are quite the opposite.  They genuinely care about their followers.  These two are going to do some amazing things.  Here are the photos to prove it.

How has KILLER FIT inspired you?  Share it in the comments!

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