FAMILY  |  12.5.14

This was the first time that I had ever spent time with the Whittington family.  Literally, we met for the first time at the location.  Naturally, it made sense for the location to be a first too, right?  I'm still curious to see what their first impression of me would be because I'm pretty crazy during sessions.

Even though our time was short, I think that I learned a lot about their family.  Here are a few of those things.  Don't let the girls fool you, they LOVE sports.  Especially softball.  Of course, Momma, Kelly, also like to make sure to keep it cute.  I still can't believe that she made the banner and drew the "Blessed" for the sign.  I also learned they LOVE to laugh.  Which is great because I literally laugh all the time.  They also like to have fun, see the evidence in the "duck face" photo at the end.

The timing of year was picture perfect.  Oh the colors of an Autumn afternoon!  We were very blessed (another sign reference) to have this session because of the unpredictable Georgia weather.  This family is definitely blessed.  I was thrilled to get to know someone that I have no mutual friends on Facebook.  Crazy right?  As always, we started with a handshake and ended in hugs.  Thanks once again for allowing me the opportunity to document this awesome snippet of your family history!  I can't wait to see the upcoming years for the Whittingtons.  Enough gab, here's what you really came to see.

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