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I love family photo sessions.  This isn't my first time with the Mitchells (that was with a visit from Santa).  But it is the first time since baby Colton arrived a few weeks ago.  I went into this time wanting to see what it's like with two kids, something I'm about to experience myself.  After our time together, I realized that if a family loves each other it doesn't really matter how many kids you have.  Although it may be more work.  Actually the first few minutes of our session, baby Colton was hungry and daddy stepped up to the plate.

Since Colton zigged, I zagged.  I took mommy and Addalyn.  If you have met Addalyn, she's full of personality.  But it takes a little work to get her to show it to you.  For example, most of the time she's has her "game face" on, but after my craziness she started laughing.  It was just enough for me to capture some of the smiles that you will see below.  Capturing little and personal moments is another reason that I like family photos. 

There's always someone who's ready for my lenses.  And who doesn't like moments when mommies steal those sweet and precious kisses?!  Moms don't forget those times, which is why I love it when it happens.  As the family came together to get "the shot," the smiles and giggles multiplied.  Moments of tickles, lots of "Addalyn, Addalyn, look this way Addalyn."  But these are sweet times.  There's no pressure because when Miss Addalyn does smile it's worth the wait. 

My favorite moment of this photo rich session was when Adam showed Addalyn the peacock.  Most kids don't get this close and personal with peacocks.  I guess since my wife grew up with them it's kind of easy to forget.  And they were in full color this time of year.  But what made these images my favorite from our time together was the play on perspective.  I experimented with a few different angles, which I think paid off.  Of course, the image of me holding baby Colton with one arm as the family got ready was classic.  His expression not only said "who are you, but why are you holding me right now?"

I love repeat clients because it gives me a chance to do different things.  If you have kids you know that life is always changing.  Photos should reflect that change.  I can't wait to see how the Mitchell family grows through the years.  I hope that I'm there for more smiles and memories that we can talk about for years

Lots of fun, and even more silly...

I love it when families come together

A few different perspectives make for some of my favorites family images I've taken

This is the wall hangar!  And other fun things...

Mommy & Daddy still have that spark!

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