FAMILY  |  11.20.14

This is the first time that the Sand family has taken pictures of all four of them.  Well, kind of.  I actually did a family session with them earlier this year, but Miss Harper was still baking in the oven.  Young families are so much fun.  Everything is based around activities and learning new things almost by the minute.

We played on the playground and on the swings.  Of course, Colton didn't like it very much when Daddy made it to the other side of the playground tunnel without him.  That's exactly how most will remember the early years.  That and of course trying to get everyone to smile and look directly into the camera.

I love watching families grow.  And baby Harper is such a cutie!  I can't wait to see what the next few years look like for the Sand family.  Don't you think their cute?

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