FAMILY  |  11.26.14

I love spending time with creative people.  It's not very often when you run across a whole family that are creatives.  But that's exactly what happened when I met the Pizzini family.  I think that it's safe to say that we were all feeding off of each other as the night progressed.  Even better I never got the "you want me to do what" look from any of them.  They were game for whatever I suggested.

Speaking of game, I had to make sure that our time together was finished before MNF (Monday Night Football), hence the title.  So creative and they like sports?  Yup!  We had a blast at the stunning Atlanta Botanical Gardens, and since it was a meager 30 degrees we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.

We danced, traveled through a tropical rainforest to arrive at the largest poinsettia tree I've ever seen, and laughed through the whole night.  Speaking of mistletoe (like that transition?) about that Kiss Me station!!!  Absolutely perfect.  Of course, we probably spent more time there than anywhere else, but for good reason right?

Overall, this will most definitely be one of the more memorable sessions in my mind.  Possibly because I couldn't see anyone's faces when taking the photos, or more likely the lack of feeling in my fingers as the night progressed.  But honestly, it'll probably be the magical combination of all of it.  Just like creativity, it's hard to identify exactly what makes it work, but even more difficult to deny something when it works.  The Pizzini night session did just that.  It worked!  And just in time for the game too.

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