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Admittedly, this title photo is without question a top ten photo for me.  Technically, they are all frozen in a appealing motion while being tack sharp in focus.  Subject matter speaking, they are all captured exactly as they are; their personality oozes in this photo.  Last, the arrangement.  It's hard enough to get five people to stand or pose exactly how you want them.  I couldn't have picked a better victory formation than the one above.  It's one of those once a year, or even ten year moments that I'm sure I'll never forget.

Enough nerd talk.  I knew from the moment their grandmother, Marshia contacted me I was in for a treat.  We were immediately on the same page for the day's agenda.  Of course, I had a few tricks and ideas up my sleeve that she didn't know about too.  We almost rescheduled due to rain.  But since I was already the rain an hour earlier doing the Conley Family Session, I figured we would be okay.  I'm thrilled we didn't postpone.  The combination was just right to make this a magazine worthy session.  Every detail seems to pop.  No doubt this one becomes an instant classic.  

When kids get into the almost teen stages, activity is crucial.  I can't stand over posed shots!  And neither can this age group, which makes for a perfect fit.  I explained my #1 rule, which they agreed to.  Note - I'm not telling unless we do a session together.  :)

With the rules established, the game for the perfect photos was on!  Individuals, groups, siblings, boys, girls.  We did them all.  Mainly for the moms and grandmothers.  But still they are lots of fun for the more formal shots.  The wiffle ball game lasted only five or so minutes.  No score was kept.  Everyone hit once.  And that was it.  Of course, if it were a "real" game I'm sure I would have captured more competitive shots.  However, that could have also led down a road we didn't want to travel.  Five minutes was the perfect dose, this time.

Once we had built up our appetite, we slid over to the picnic area.  A history book old oak tree covered us from the noon time sun.  In the south, we call this a shade tree.  The setting was just right.  A classic colonial color scheme with true southern food - samiches and watermelon.  It only took a few minutes before the fab five began trying to fit whole watermelon wedges in their mouths.  I wasn't complaining.

Once their bellies were full or at least satisfied we made the trek next door to swim.  When I told them earlier that I'd be capturing action shots of them diving into the pool, they seemed totally okay with that.  It was true.  Well, maybe they were better than just okay.  They were great.  Back flips, front flips, trying to be like Jesus and walk on the water.  They could do it all.  Then we captured the "Fab Five" shot that I've already discussed in great detail.  No true southern picnic is complete without ending in ice cream.  So go ahead.  Dive into the photos.  You'll be glad you did.




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