FAMILY  |  08.20.14

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I first met the Gravitt family at my 2013 Santa sessions.  How can you forget two adorable little girls, who both like to have tons of fun?!  The friendship was almost instant.  Of course, I think the girls still believe I'm crazy (hint - I am!).  I've been keeping up with them ever since, and they have been one of my biggest supports for sure!  So the time to return the favor finally came a few weeks ago.  Luckily for me I was able to catch Amie before school got in the way.  And boy and I glad that I did!

You want action?  Summer and Kiley are the perfect fit!  Once I realized I could tap into this almost infinite resource of energy, we were off and we weren't stopping until we got ice cream.  But of course, I can't blog about our time together without talking about one of my most popular family photos I've ever taken.  Whatever you want to title it, it's just too stinking cute.  Of course, Dads love it when I get the kissing shots because I usually take my time to make it just right.  But the kids...well they usually like it to be pretty quick.  The stars just decided to align to capture something truly adorable.  And what bulldog doesn't like to end in celebration and chanting "go dawgs!"  Overall, I had a blast with the Gravitt family, and I'll make sure that Santa knows the girls did awesome during our time together.

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