FAMILY  |  11.6.14

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I love watching families grow.  This year has been an exciting one for the Eichenlaub family.  I know that Grant and Mandy can vouch for me here, but I can't believe how fast this year has flown.  It feels like last month that we were doing maternity and newborns.  Now check out big boy Logan!!  Of course, Blake is growing bigger and smarter by the minute too.

I had just finished our family's annual Washington Farms trip right before our session.  Apparently, everyone likes pumpkins because there was hardly a place to park.  But once again there are plenty of ways to shoot without that being an issue.  This party was about four fun and amazing people.

Little boys love action.  I made sure that we didn't stay still for too long.  We needed to start punkin pickin'.  Then run.  Then pick.  Then see the tractor.  Then run some more.  I know the 2 boys song very well myself since that's where we are right now too!  It's funny to watch their personalities unfold in front of our eyes.  Blake likes to smile at any moments notice.  Logan likes to be more on the serious side.  I swear that he's "smiling" in a few of these photos.

Despite their differences, they definitely have one thing in common - a loving family.  One thing I love about repeat clients is that I don't have to do my run through at the beginning.  They know what to do as soon as they get out of the car.  All four of them started having fun and enjoying their time together from start to finish.  That's what truly makes great photos.  Speaking of a great photo.  Every once in a while a photographer gets the privilege of taking an image bigger than himself/herself.  You can't fabricate it, it just happens.  That's the only way to explain the cover photo for this session.

I always enjoy seeing the Eichenlaubs, it's amazing how well you can get to know someone just spending a few hours throughout the year with them.  They are definitely key members of the Unmutable Family. 

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