FAMILY  |  07.05.14

I love family sessions.  There is always someone smiling, being silly, adorable, or anything else that kids in families do.  The only thing I love more than family sessions are BIG family sessions, multiple families.  Ally, Gavin, Grant, Harry, Catherine, and Mason are cousins.  Two boys and a girl on both sides.  Just the order is reversed.  Naturally, when I was told about all of these elements my creative juices started to flow.I wanted the boys to be boys, and the girls to be of course girly.  And they did not disappoint.  But we kind of ran into a problem, or at least we thought so at the time.  Summer is great, but it also provides lots of pop up rain showers.  I snapped four images with my brand new camera, and the rain started pouring.  The first image I took of the day was Miss Catherine (first one below), and it was a dandy!  It rained two or three more times during our session.

Between rain shower one and two, we were able to get our classy and classic images.  You know the one that your mom and grandparents used to stick in their wallet?  Those are the ones.  Once I knew that we had the right shots, I turned the kids loose.  No photographer ever plans to take pictures while its raining.  Maybe an exception would be a kissing in the rain session that I'll do one day.  Some of my favorite images from this session happened while it was raining.  Add in a rope swing and we were in the zone.  All six participated, dresses and all.  Thankfully, I was under a shelter while they were creating memories.  This is why I do what I do.  Freezing these memories into snapshots and albums makes it totally worth every second.  I'm sure their parents would say the same.

It's difficult to put into words everything that happened that wonderful, sunny, rainy, and crazy morning.  These images can tell the story for sure.



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