Family: Carnes (Bostwick, GA) - Unmutable Photo


FAMILY  |  11.1.14

When Emily contacted me about family photos, she had only one request.  Can you guess?  Cotton.  What a great request!  I actually had never had a session in a cotton field before so I thought this would be a fun new venture.  And man did it deliver, and it was a great fit for this awesome young family.

Let's talk about why it was a great fit.  Grace likes to be pretty, cute, adorable, girly etc.  Cotton fields in their prime are all of these things.  So when you combine both of them together the magic really starts to happen.  Cotton is perfect for hutch too.  Cotton requires tractors; Hutch loves tractors.  See the connection here?

One of my goals as a lifestyle photographer is to capture people, their personalities and passions in a single photo.  It's easier said than done, but this family made it a lot easier.  So things like riding his own tractor at sunset is something every mom remembers as he leave for college.  Or little girls playing with their dolls is something every father remembers during their first dance.  Of course, this family has a long way to go before we start talking too much about that.  But it's true.

Of course, there's someone missing - Miss Tilley, a German Short Haired Pointer.  She was introduced to the family right after we took these images.  Don't worry, Tilley, I'm sure you'll be in the next family session!  I'll make that my one request.

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