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FAMILY  |  07.05.14

My first encounter with the Aldridge family was at Maddie's kindergarten graduation at Bethlehem Christian Academy.  It's no secret that she's a tid bit shy, but that's okay with me because she takes amazing photos when she's ready.  Just like when she graduated, and just like she did this time - she's a pro.  Fast forward a few months later.  Her mom, Cathy, and I were discussing about location for their family photos.  Cathy asked if she could make a suggestion.  Of course!  I love it when my clients have their favorite places.  But it didn't take long before I realized it was more than just a "favorite."  The special place?  Freeman's Mill Park.

Cathy explained to me how it had been associated with her family for years.  Here's a quick history:

The mill that is now known as Freeman’s Mill was built after the Civil War ended. The best estimates put that between 1868 an 1879. It was constructed by the Loveless brothers, John and Levi, and remained in their ownership and care until it was purchased by W. Scott Freeman and his son in 1913.   Although Mr. Freeman and his only owned the mill for around two years, when they sold it to Newt Pharr, the mill was operated by the Freeman family until it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in the late 1990s. Throughout that time, ownership of the mill changed once more when it was purchased by Lewis Swann in 1946. The mill was still working and used up until 1996.

Naturally, this was the perfect place for Cathy's birthday gift from Kurt - family photos.  Kurt, you're a smart man, sir!  This location didn't disappoint.  It had a little bit of everything, which is great for young families.  Kids like to do things; parents like to see things.  This place had both.  Mason and company skipped rocks into the river.  Maddie tricked daddy into "striking a pose."  All the while, Cathy was soaking in the memories.  I, of course, was trying to make time stand still.

It's always the little things that make a photo special.  You know the photos that you look at over time examining every tiny element.  Good photos get your attention for a minute.  Great photos capture your attention for a lifetime.  I want to take great photos.  Of course, I can't do that without the help of amazing families like the Aldridges.  I almost titled this post "Swiss Family Aldridge" because of the setting.  But there's something more here than cuteness - it's legacy.  Cathy's family did their part in preserving a special place for many years to come.  Whether she realizes it or not, Cathy has done the same.  She has preserved her family's history in photo form.  Hopefully, in a way that will also be for years to come.  Take a glance at our time together.




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