Most couples can remember their engagement story even after many years have passed by.  There are a few that are able to show their memories to generations to come.  I think that's what Will had in mind as the final piece of his master plan.  When we first talked, I knew that he had everything lined up perfectly.  The only issue was how do you photograph a live engagement in downtown Atlanta at night!  In the cold and rain no less.

We both didn't really like the idea of me hiding in the bushes because let's face it, Atlanta isn't exactly known for it's greenery.  Then I saw my Bruno Mars like fedora and knew exactly what we should do.  Jordan and I had never met until after she said "yes!"  So I knew that I would already be a little incognito.  Grabbing my hat, I went the hipster route.  I called a few of my friends - Andrew, Emily, and Caleigh, and we proceeded to be young artists trying to capture the right moment.  I can't say thank you enough to you three!!  For more reasons than I can mention.

As we began to lose feeling in our fingers and toes from the cold rainy night, the couple of the night came in sight.  Will led her to the front of the One Atlantic Center, and waited for my cue.  I gave the nod; he didn't hesitate.  Down he went into one of the most important places in his life - his knee.  As you can see, she was floored.  She was crying.  We were crying.  Will was smiling.  Repeat for three to four minutes.  Of course, the answer was yes!

We ventured back into the warmth at the stunning Veni Vidi Vici restaurant who greeted the lovely couple back like family.  Well maybe it's because they are family.  But still it was definitely a night that will be remembered for many, many years to come.  Congratulations to both of you, Will & Jordan, as you embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

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