ENGAGEMENT  |  10.17.14

I met Stephanie and CJ in the hospital.  Our Judah and their Scarlett were born two days apart.  So naturally since I had my camera it made since to do a quick newborn session, right?  It's pretty funny how similar our families are.  I'm still kind of bitter that we arrived before and stayed after them, but that's another story.

When they contacted about their wedding next May, I knew we'd be a perfect fit!  They adore each other.  Even though Stephanie swears she doesn't like cameras, I couldn't tell.  Each moment they shared together was so perfect it almost seemed scripted.  It wasn't.  They enjoyed simply being with one another.  It's the small things that really make photos interesting.  Our time together was jam packed with subtle hints, inside jokes, dancing, and of course lots of kissing.  But no face smushing!

Of course, I'm a sucker for boots.  When I mentioned Stephanie stepping on CJ's fancy duds , CJ gave me a look like "that ain't gonna happen."  But guess what?  He still did it.  Why?  Because he loves Stephanie.  One of my favorite things about their engagement session was that he started by wearing his "McCormick" hat.  A farmer type hat isn't exactly the traditional engagement style.  PERFECT!  There's Steph's give.  Both of them are already doing great at working together. 

I have no doubt that these two love bird's weddings will be one of the best in 2015.  Not because of the decor or even photos.  But because of what they share together.  To Brooklyn and Scarlett, we'll play pictures very soon.  I promise.

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