ENGAGEMENT  |  08.05.14

Love is an adventure filled with twists and turns.  Mountains and valleys.  Sunshine and rain.   Lauren and Avery.  Our time together was so personal and timeless.  No doubt the kind of love that these two love birds will carry on into their marriage this December.  There was no questioning where these two wanted to show the world of their engagement photos.  It's within a mile of Avery's childhood, and of course the same distance from their wedding location.  It's home.  I can't help but think that the same hills that Avery walked and explored as a young boy will be the very ones that he ties the sacred knot as a man to his bride.

As great a guy as Avery is, Lauren is the prize (all my brides are)!  Her personality and smile oozes care, humor, and friendship.  Yet her heart belongs to Avery.  The glances, the small touches, the laughter after falling after Avery couldn't hold her any longer.  These small snapshots will be the memories they will have for a lifetime.

Making it even more personal, I can't wait to see y'all love grow even more than it is now.  Never stop smiling at each other.  Never stop holding hands, or pulling her hair back.  Never stop being hopelessly romantic because it's beautiful.  And speaking on behalf of everyone else, we all want to keep seeing it!

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