COUPLE  |  05.14.14

Couple:  Miranda + Kenneth

I knew this would be a fun session when Miranda opened with "look we have matching watches!"  There were definitely lots of laughs from that moment on.  It was an adventure of sorts.  I found items and things I never knew existed at this location. 

For example, Miranda found wild strawberries (picture below).  I didn't even know that they grew in the wild like that, much less right here in Bethlehem, GA.  It was tiny, but it was definitely a strawberry.  One of my favorite memories from out time together was getting posed as a couple with a tree.  Who knew that looking on the same side of the tree could be so difficult?  One went right, the other went opposite.  Repeat.  But then they got on the same page, and we all had a good laugh because of it.

The combination of a setting a century old and a young, vibrant couple provided for dynamic and memorable photographs.  Plus, this type of location was right down Justin's alley.  A nice compromise if I say so myself.  He gets country and tractors, she gets photos.  Makes sense right?  Not only did they have matching watches, they also had matching smiles and the same type of humor.  Enough of me talking, check out Miranda and Justin's time together!

Miranda + Justin

A little scenery, chivalry, and a donkey.  Wait, I think it's a mule.

This way.  No that way!

Some serious.  Some not so serious.

What's your favorite photo & why?  Share it in the comments!

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