Child: Hadley's First Birthday - Unmutable Photo


CHILD  |  05.08.14

If this session was a crime scene, there’s definitely enough to convict Miss Hadley of extreme cuteness, loving cake, addicted to pink, and oh yeah keeper of the balloons. Mommy, Daddy and yours truly were also guilty of lots of laughs, smiles, and a why not kind of thinking.

Hadley has always been able to speak lots of cuteness with those delicately blue eyes. Every time I take photos of her, you can bet I’m going to get up and personal with that pair of little sapphires. Then like a perfect recipe add a little bit of this and a pinch of that, it makes the perfect little treat for all of our eyes. This recipe card would no doubt include her little blue dress, pinterest, a cupcake made for a king, and of course pounds of pink! Did I mention pink?

We played. We celebrated her standing, which is kind of a big deal to a one year old. We made a hot air balloon. We even had perfect permission to eat cake from Mommy! Can life get any better?

Enough talking let’s dig in - to the cake that is.

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