CHILD  |  09.12.14

I almost fell out of my chair when I read the email about this session idea.  Blake's momma, Heather, thought it was time for her daughter to see her wedding dress.  Blake had only seen the dress in pictures, and had asked repeatedly to see it.  So what better way to see it for the first time than to get spruced up and wear it?

I had seen sessions like this online in the past, but had never had the opportunity to photograph it myself.  It's definitely interesting to get the dress to fit just right, but that's what makes it so special.  The location couldn't have been more perfect!  I found out during out time together that Blake adores horses.  So it's perfectly fitting that a white horse was in the background of one of my favorite images of all time.  Aka - the one above.

Blake was the first person to take the dress out of the box since well...I'll let mommy tell you how long ago.  The main point is that this session was so personal, adorable, and of course beautiful. 

I can't imagine how beautiful she will be on her wedding day (years from now of course - dad).  But these images definitely help me have a better idea.  Whoever the groom will be, he's gonna have a knock-out for sure!

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