BABY, 6 MON  |  08.28.14

One of my favorite six month old photos is in this session.  I'll let you figure out which one it is.  Sawyer is definitely an adventurous little 6 month old.  I love how he loves to be outside!  I guess it's fitting given his name.  I know that Mommy & Daddy couldn't be more proud of how well he's sitting up.  Do you know how big of a deal it is to do that?  Maybe you've forgotten what it feels like to be half a year old.

No matter what, this little guy is bound to be getting into lots of trouble over the next few months.  And what perfect timing for his new gameday colors!  Hopefully, he'll be able to celebrate his half year birthday in style when the Dawgs come home with a win for the first game of the season.  Here's to hoping right?

Let me introduce my new little friend.  Mr. Sitting Up Sawyer!

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