Baby: Mason (Bishop, GA) - Unmutable Photo


BABY  |  09.26.14

I knew Mason's six month photo session was gonna be a good one when he went straight for his shoes.  In his half year old kind of way, he was showing off his abilities.  And kind of ironic that he's a bulldog fan.  This was my fist time at the awesome Vintage Oaks venue.  It was the perfect setting for a little boy who is learning that the world is his playground.

Mason is all business when it comes to looking into the camera.  He kind of has a GQ vibe.  But when Mommy and Daddy get involved he becomes really silly.  Like when they toss him in the air, or tickle him to try to make him a little less serious.  I'm okay with his "all business" look because no matter how you look at it he's adorable.  Before you think I did a lot of work on those blue eyes, I just wanted to clarify that I didn't edit them one bit.  They are really that blue.  I think I see tractors and more bulldogs in Mason's future.  I can't wait to be there to capture more sweet moments as he learns his independence.

Unmutable family, meet my new little man friend - Mr. Mason.

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