NEWBORN  |  05.20.14

Miss Ava is a stubborn one.  Like when she decided to skip maternity photos by coming sooner than later.  Or how she refused to sleep when I showed up at her home.  But I'm stubborn too.  I was determined to capture this cuteness one frame at a time if needed.  After lots of hugs and kisses from mommy, Ava decided it was time to show off.  And show off she did!

She kind of has a thing for bling (as you can see below).  Especially when it comes to daddy's dog tags!  She's very proud that her daddy serves our country.  Just don't tell him that she kind of left his uniform a little damp after taking these first few photos.  And kind of left me damp come to think about it.  HINT:  it's not the boys you have to watch - it's the girls!

She wanted to show off her room.  Especially her new dresser.  So what better way to show it off than to simply get in it?!  Sleepy.  Not sleepy.  Silly stick-out-your-tongue faces.  And of course lots of adorable sleepy baby.

What's a newborn session without a basket?  And she of course goes for the bling again with that adorable headband.  There's that word again - adorable.  Whoops, pulled the headband a little too far down on that one.

After showing off for a bit, she wanted to get some of Mommy and Daddy in there as well.  As for the last few images.  I'll let you see those for yourself.  Too sweet to describe.  Nice to meet you Miss Ava.  Here's to many more memories together.


"It took me a little bit to get to sleep, but I'm adorable soo...."

"Practically perfect in every way..."

Me + Blankie + Mommy & Daddy = Success!

Some things are better shown and left unsaid.  Like these.

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  • Unmutable Photo

    on May 21, 2014

    Thank you Micki. And yes most definitely thank Travis and all of our troops!

  • Micki Matheny Broome

    on May 21, 2014

    Great pictures and love the blog... And thank you Travis for your services.

  • Caleb Peavy

    on May 20, 2014

    I agree Kay. She's a keeper!

  • Kay Smith

    on May 20, 2014

    Those are beautiful pictures something to always treasure

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