NEWBORN  |  06.24.14

Nothing compares to meeting a newborn for the first time.  Well, maybe taking photos while meeting a newborn for the first time is just a little bit sweeter.

First impressions are important

Miss Finley was ready to rock the shots from the moment I arrived at her house.  No newborn session is without its surprises - like the rain that cut our outside playtime short.  But that was okay it gave us an excuse to start playing with bows and girly things a bit sooner than we expected.Every newborn baby teaches me something new.  Here's what I learned from Finley:.  Finley wasted no time getting to know me with a firm handshake.  I've actually never experienced this before much less at the beginning of a session.  She grabbed the thumb on my left hand while my right hand was capturing the sweet moment.  I'm glad she did.  It kind of made my day.

Small things are a big deal

It's no secret that all of the tiny pieces of a newbie are worth making the size of a billboard.  Getting close.  Closer.  That's where Finley was showing off!  How she interacted with Daddy's fingers just fractions from his wedding ring.  It was a poetic.  Beautiful.  It was Miss Finley.

Don't sleep when you have company

On the humorous side, she was WIDE AWAKE for most of the time.  But don't we teach our children it's rude to sleep when one has company?  She just learned a little younger than most.

But when she did sleep...

Angelic photos followed.  Like the ones below..

You can get away with almost anything for a priceless photo

Another thing that Finley knew unusually early is how to be a trouble maker and avoid getting in trouble.  I feel like I never mastered that one, even now.  But she's a pro.  Don't believe me?  Check out what happens when you combine bows and her doggie.

But when trouble is too much, Mommy is always there

Moms receive a magical gift when their child is born.  And they spend the rest of their lives sprinkling their magical fairy dust to make things better.  Haley definitely had that gift with Finley.  Proving that nobody can do it quite like Momma! 

Daddy can help too

One last thing I'll mention, more like explain.  I asked Ben, aka Daddy, to do something very odd and peculiar (shown below).  One of my clients sent me a photo of something similar and I knew that I had to try it.  Babies are used to the movement of breathing and comfort of being held.  So it makes sense to make Daddy lay on the floor be covered by a blanket and hold his little girl for twenty minutes or so, right?  Regardless of sanity, it actually worked.  She paused a few moments to let me capture the "sleeping beauty" photos.

Enough jibber jabber.  Let's look at some photos.  Shall we?

A family chair and precious pearls, a few of Finley's favorites...

Finley wanted to shake my hand, then Daddy's, then...

She found Mommy & Daddy!

Practically perfect in every way...

Momma knows best...

A little experiment with Daddy + Softball Gloves

She's definitely a "teacher's pet," which is perfectly acceptable...

But she's still daddy's little girl...

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