Amanda & Dustin’s “Ready For Love’s Journey” Engagement In Monroe, GA

ENGAGEMENT  |  7.4.15

Amanda and Dustin are perfect for one another in each and every way! They each have a deep love for travel and the open road. While the ideal session would have been a week long joy ride through the West USA, we still we able to capture their spirit right here at home. It made it a lot easier that their travel buddy, VW Bus, was on hand and ready to take some photos!

When I say “at home,” I really meant it. This location was at none other than Dustin’s parents beautiful home right outside of Monroe, GA. It took me all of 30 seconds to realize that Dustin and I would get along very well. Amanda had let me know ahead of time that he loves to enjoy life, has a great smile, and is always ready for the camera. She was right. I love having fun with all of my clients. Life is too short not to have fun. So any time that I can make that fun stand still in a frame with artwork I take advantage of it.

After getting to know each other a little, they introduced me to their buddy - the VW Bus!! This thing is SO cool. I can see why they want to travel all over the country in it. “There’s not a part I can’t fix on it” Dustin claimed. “But we spend a lot of time on the road working on it too” Amanda added. I can already tell they will make a great married couple just from these passing phrases.

I knew that they had to get in, which meant getting close - fitting for an engaged couple if I must say so myself! That leads me to chemistry. Chemistry plays a major role in couple’s portraits. Like how Dustin can’t stop smiling when he looks at his future bride. Or how Amanda admires Dustin with quiet glances. See what I mean? It’s the little things really. But that’s exactly how relationships work. It’s a series of road stops on a long and winding road.

I’ll let you use your imagination from here. No doubt Amanda and Dustin’s engagement session was one they will never forget. Their wedding this September will be full of these unforgettable moments.

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