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WEDDING  |  07.23.14

Weddings are a photojournalist's dream.  Nothing is more personal, beautiful, and inspiring that two love birds saying I love you forever.  I'm definitely partial to these two.  Why?  They're family.  At first, I didn't know if we would be able to attend because our second son's arrival was just around the corner.  But boy am I glad he waited a bit longer.  Of course, being family I wend to the rehearsal as well, which most brides and grooms don't have done professionally - although it's becoming more popular.

If I had to describe Lindsay and Justin, I'd use "Sweet Tea."  Definitely southern.  Kind and sweet.  Can be ultra classy and traditional as well as humble and charming.  You'll see all of these descriptions throughout our time together.  I also got to work along side the fantastic Ashlee Culverhouse.  It's always fun to see other people's style and interpretation.

I'd have to write a book to describe all of the photos below.  But there are a few things that I want to point out.  First is the first looks.  I can't say enough about how special the daddy and groom's first looks were.  Such emotion and love.  The transition from one loving man to another is absolutely stunning to watch in these photos.  And the first dances didn't disappoint either!  Lindsay gave a gift to her father (I call him Uncle Jesse, he says Uncle Jesus - different story).  It was a photo of daddy's girl.  I've seen that picture in frame in their house for years.  She could have spend thousands of dollars, and it would have never meant more than that moment.  After smiling for a snap shot, the reality of what was about to happen settled in.  Years of love, stories, kisses, hugs, future dreams, disappointments, achievements can flash through the mind of a father in an instant.  The look on his face says everything Lindsay will ever need to know - "I love you."  I love the look on her face too; so caring and making sure that her daddy is okay.  [Grab a tissue, pause a second.  Now let's talk about another favorite].

Every photographer will tell you that the ceremony is the toughest part to capture.  Usually faced with difficult lighting, short windows to capture moments, and did I mention difficult lighting?  But I had a prime time seat for the unity candle.  I knew that was my shot.  So when it came, it was almost like a dream.  Weddings are intimate.  You ever wondered what a couple talks about at the candle after praying?  Well, Lindsay and Justin's secret is safe with me.  Regardless, I'll remember that moment for a long, long time to come.

One last description, but it's more of a disclaimer.  At the reception a few funny things happened that were sort of an inside joke.  I love inside jokes, so I thought that I'd let you in on these.  The first one is the older man with the piece of cake.  That's Pepop - Lindsay's grandfather (mine too).  At an event that shall remain nameless, Pepop was ready for some cake.  Trouble is that it hadn't been cut yet, nor photos taken with a few special people (remaining nameless).  He pulled the ultimate "I'm older, so I can get away with it" card, and got himself some cake.  This time the family was in on it.  You should have seen the cake ladies' faces, when he went to get his own piece.  I knew what was going on (thanks Aunt Kathy!).  So I snapped a few images of the funny moment.  The one below is Pepop claiming his reward.  The last is one of the groomsmen with the guarder on his shoulder.  Justin shot the guarder over his shoulder, and it bounced around a little bit before arriving for this classic moment.  Young man, you can run away from it as much as you want, but it's inevitable - you've been chosen.

I'll leave the rest of the moments for you to imagine or remember what it was like.  Lindsay and Drew keeping having those Sweet Tea moments.  I wish you two all the best as you journey through life together.


Wedding Day - The Two Became One


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