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SENIOR  |  08.20.14

Anyone who knows PJ understands this blog's title.  But if you don't know him, I'll explain.  PJ has won back to back baseball state championships at Bethlehem Christian Academy.  So naturally he has BIG dreams for his senior year.  That seems to be a common theme for the class of 2015.  Most of them really want to make an impact in the world they live in.

I've known PJ for a long time.  I guess it's safe to say now that he and my sister are high school sweethearts.  Any brother feelings that arise quick disappear because my camera likes them.  So, I guess I can let a few things slide.  Being a former baseball player myself, I knew that PJ and I could create some pretty epic moments on the diamond.  I think we did that a lot more.

Jessica told me later that PJ had never really spent a lot of one on one time with me, and I guess she's right.  But because of a few common things we hit it off pretty quickly.  Dudes usually have this swag factor that causes them to not smile like Momma wants, but I learned a funny keyword to make PJ automatically smile EVERY time I said it.  It actually became a joke as our time passed.  I'm not telling you what it was because I may use it on you too.

On a personal note, PJ I hope you get three straight.  Keep being a gentleman, and forever forward remember my magic word whenever someone takes a picture of you.  Let's hope next summer we'll schedule a session for those 3 championship rings!  Mr. Class of 2015 - PJ Klein.

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