Newborn: Joseph (Atlanta, GA) - Unmutable Photo


NEWBORN  |  08.15.14

Any time I get to take photos that have anything to do with the 'Dawgs, I'm in!  So when Baby Joseph wanted to make this happen, I just said when and where.  The journey to my time with the Ryle family was very interesting as well.  I almost didn't make it there.  My truck's battery was going crazy on my ride through downtown Atlanta.  But they didn't know that when we were having fun together.  Why?  Because I would've walked to get there for these precious images.

Here are a few things that I know about baby Joseph.  First, he's an AWESOME sleeper.  Even though he was probably away more than "usual" (according to mom), he was in my book picture perfect.  He was dreamy and sleepy which makes taking photos nice and easy.  Of course, being a natural boy there was the occasion he was done taking pictures.  But after a few minutes break he was ready again. 

Another thing I learned is that he has a proud older brother, Conner.  Conner was my assistant for the two hour session.  He helped me with pretty much whatever I needed.  And since Joseph is such a great sleeper, I wasn't worried one bit that my assistant didn't have a pre-school education yet.

All in all, I think that Joseph will be a great fan this year.  But after our time together I think that he has lots of fans on team Joseph as well!

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