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The Given family is expecting a gift very soon.  A third gift to be exact!  Right now it's an even tie with the boy to girl ratio, but that's about to change in favor of the ladies.  When Julie first reached out to me she mentioned that she wanted to go all out for her third pregnancy.  "This is it.  Let's make it a big deal."  And that we did.

My first goal was to get Bre and Jax on board.  A few quick jokes only kids can appreciate, and I was in.  Of course, Mommy and Daddy were ready to rock and roll.  We played, ran, were silly, laughed, climbed, and got lots of smiles.  Most of that was Bre and Jax, but you get the picture.

Jax definitely pulled off something I'd never seen before.  I said to give Mommy and Daddy "bunny ears."  Somehow, he must have confused me with donkey ears.  I'll let you interpret that how you want.  Regardless, it took us a while before we gained our composure.

One of the reasons I love maternity+family shots is that it's a great example of what being a parent is like.  When it's your first, everything is perfect.  When it's your second, third or anything past one, it's perfect with a side of chaos, excitement, short attention spans, and tons of energy.  But that's what makes it great.  Let the kids be kids.  And hey maybe they'll bring the kids out of their parents too.  ;)

I knew the perfect ending for our session.  I had been saving this particular spot for quite some time.  It's just a mile from my home.  Every fall as the leaves change there's not many places that can compare to the winding road as the sun sets.  I wanted Julie to feel like a rockstar.  And she definitely looks like one don't you think?!

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