Family: Luke (Winder, GA) - Unmutable Photo


FAMILY  |  11.20.14

I'll have to admit that this may possibly be my favorite ending to any session I've ever done.  When I mentioned to Brittany about the possibility of her and Nathan ending up in the water, I was expecting a quick "no thanks."  But she caught my vision.  Of course, Nathan thought that I was kidding.  I wasn't.  Aren't you glad that they played along with my fun little experiment.  So why the wet and adorable finish?  Great question!

There's a third member of the Luke family.  He just happens to be an adventurous black lab.  And what do labs love?  The water.  I love it when families join together to do something that the "kids" like.  In this case, it was playing in the freezing cold fall water.

Of course, the rest of their session was lots of fun too.  I loved how both Nathan and Brittany had to wipe their lips after a quick kiss.  All in all, we had a lot of fun together.  I guess it's not fair that I didn't get wet.  Oh well, I'm okay with that.  I hope that Brittany and Nathan keep having fun for many years to come.

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