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ENGAGEMENT  |  07.04.14

Charley and Robbie were made for each other.  Like when you hear an idea you know will work the first time you hear it - that's this adorable soon-to-be-married couple.  When Charley and I first talked about her upcoming wedding, I realized how fun and memorable our photos together would be.  Memorable because of the "classic" nature of her and Robbie's style.  So when I stumbled on to the McRitchie-Hollis Museum website, once glance at the kitchen was enough for Charley.  Bright, fun, friendly - that's Charley.  Thoughtful, kind, thorough - that's Robbie.  When you combine the two, you get amazing chemistry.  Just like some of the images you'll see below.

We started counting kisses at the beginning of the shoot as a fun little challenge.  I stopped counting after twenty.  But for good reason.  These two were rocking the shots.  It's the small things really.  The subtle way she touches his face or how he gently grabs her hand.  In a Pinterest image world, it's refreshing to see a couple interact with one another instead of repeating ideas.  The center of this session is the happy couple.  Just how it should be.

Of course, they both are very creative.  We talked about their favorite music, composers, wedding details.  But truthfully the chatter didn't last very long because the chemistry took over.  Laughter, tender moments, memories worth sharing and remembering.  All of which was located in a setting that seemed to stop time itself.  With the home being built almost eighty years ago, I can't help but think of how many giddy couples walked the front steps, or took photos by the spider leg like magnolia tree.

Something old.  Something new.  From a photographic standpoint, I tried to capture very unique shots.  Like the one where they are sitting at the piano while I snapped the images through the window making it oh so dreamy.  Or how about the long hallway?  This unique home allowed me to shoot through three door frames across the house to where our favorite couple was spending some quality time.  Regardless the technical side of things, there was a very large inspirational factor during our time together.  It's hard to express it exactly through words, but maybe you'll understand after looking through the photos.  November 8, here we come!

All photos taken at the gorgeous and historic Mcritchie-Hollis Museum in Newnan, GA.


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