Columbus River Mill Wedding: Charley & Robbie - Unmutable Photo



There is nothing quite like the joy that a wedding can bring.  Most will smile for their wedding day photos in hopes of making a great photo for their album.  Charley and Robbie are different.  Their smile comes from within.  A type of smile that can't stop smiling.  Smiles that continued throughout the wedding day.  And smiles that have made it through the darkest of times.

Charley was very intentional with every detail throughout the day.  Each one represented one of two things.  The first was to honor and remember her father.  Although he is no longer with us, that didn't stop him from walking her down the aisle.  If you look closely, you can see some of Charley's favorite moments and memories as part of her bouquet.  You can also see him in the color yellow, which were spread out in all the right places.  If find it very inspiring that the very color that represents her father can be found over Robbie's heart as a rose.  Almost as a symbol of the new bond they share together.

The second detail woven throughout are bits and pieces of the love that Charley and Robbie share.  Their love for music, creativity, and of course cupcakes and sorbet.  The whole day was full of joy.  That's exactly how it should be for someone like Charley.  Of course, I had to pull myself together when Charley surprised her grandfather with what we'll call the Grandaddy Daughter dance.

I think it's best to end with a message that's very important to both Robbie and Charley.  Embrace Your Dreams.  Never Give Up.  Charley and Robbie, I wish you all the best for many, many years to come!!

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