Child: Rubin (Monroe, GA) - Unmutable Photo


CHILD  |  11.26.14

This session has been years in the making.  While I was still working at Chick-fil-A Monroe, I helped work an event that was sponsored for Carson.  I gave them my business card, and told them I'd love to do something for their family.  The only problem was that this was during a very crazy time for the Rubin family and let's say that card was "misplaced."  Fast forward over a year later, I get a message from Shay, Carson's mom saying that the found me!  Turns out that my mom is Carson's speech pathologist at school.  Small world.  And thanks mom.  I know you read all of my blog posts.  :)

After laughing for a few minutes about us finally getting together, we started planning our session.  If you've never met Carson and Kendall, then I'll help you get to know them really quickly.  They both love being extremely silly, and are fun addicts.  Both of these traits make for some awesome photos.

I like to photograph children very different from the "norm."  I like getting in their element, and being perfectly honest being a kid with them.  The result?  Photos that reflect how Momma remembers the good times.  I'm so glad that we were able to connect for our session together.  Here are a few photos from the session.

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