Baby: Asher's Half Birthday (Monroe, GA) - Unmutable Photo


BABY  |  04.06.15

Is it just me or do kids seem to be getting cooler each year?  Asher is no exception.  He showed up to his session looking like a Rockstar, who happens to still live with his momma.  He's so cool that he called his session his 1/2 Birthday.  You may know it as a 6 months session. 

He also has some swag style toys that he wanted to show me.  He showed me how he uses each one of them.  Most start straight to the mouth, then vary from there.  :)

What impressed me most was how Asher was wanting to walk!  You heard me right - WALK.  At his 1/2 Birthday session he wanted to show off his new independence.  Well, he did need Dad's hands, but that's it.  He was taking steps like a champ, and of course giving lots of smiles and giggles while he did so.

Don't let the 1/2 fool ya, Asher is a 100%, all-in type of young man.  I enjoyed getting to know his little personality during our short time together.  Enjoy!

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